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(State Law reference-Sanitation and health standards, V.T.C.A., Health & Safety Code, ch. 341; Manufactured Housing Standards Act, V.A.C. S., Art. 5221f.)

Sec. 9.101 Permit Required

It shall be unlawful for a person, persons, or parties to locate or cause to be located a mobile home in the city limits of Lorenzo without first obtaining a permit from the city office.

Sec. 9.102 Permit Information

The mobile home permits shall include the following information:

(1) Name of Applicant

(2) Owner of the Mobile Home

(3) Owner of the lot or other location

(4) Size of the Mobile Home

(5) Legal description of the proposed location

(6) Location site plan

Sec.9.103 Permit Criteria

Permit consideration is based on the following criteria: public safety, health, welfare, property valuation, and surrounding properties.

Sec.9.104 Publication of Permit Application

A copy of the proposed permit must be published in the local newspaper. After a ten day waiting period from publish date, and all permit criteria have been met, provided that there are no objections, said permit may be granted. If objections are presented, then the city administrator will decide whether or not to grant a permit. In the event of a dispute, the mayor or a majority of the council may call a special meeting to review the application. During this review, in the regular or special meeting, the public may attend and voice their approval or opposition to the application.


Sec.9.105 Placement of Mobile Homes

In the event that such a permit is granted, the applicant shall place the mobile home in accordance with the stated site plan, following guidelines set forth in House Bill 1193 (Texas Tiedown Law), as stated below:

(1) Mobile homes require two types of anchorage: (1) over-the-top tiedowns to restrict overturning and (2) frame times to prevent the mobile home from being pushed from its piers. The standards apply tosingle mobile homes up to 14 feet in width.

(2) Piers shall be centered under each main frame (or chassis) members, with a maximum spacing of 10 feet on centers. The end piers shall be no farther than 5 feet in from the ends of the mobile home.

(3) Tiedown anchorage requirements for an 80 mile per hour wind are from 30 to 50 feet, 4 frame ties and 3 over-the-top ties, from 50 to 60 feet, 5 frame ties and 3 over-the-top ties, and from 60 to 70 feet, 5 frame ties and 3 over-the-top ties.

(4) Over-the-top tiedowns shall be positioned at stud and rafter locations near each end of the mobile home. Others, if needed, may be positioned between them.

(5) Wherever feasible, care should be taken to space the frame ties and over-the-top tiedowns evenly. They should not be bunched together.



(A) Ground anchors should be aligned with centers of piers. Also, they should be situated immediately below the outer wall to accommodate over-the-top ties as well as frame ties.

(B) Auger-type anchors shall have a minimurn diameter of 6 inches (arrowheads 8") and be sunk to their full depth (at least 4'). Steel rods shall be at least 5/8" diameter, have a forged or welded eye at top, or have a yoke-type fastening and tensioning device or a threaded connector and tensioning device.

(C) Anchors shall be capable of withstanding 5,700 pounds of pull (in a vertical or diagonal direction) without failure. This loading can be achieved by many anchors in most kinds of soils. It is desirable that anchor-pull tests be conducted to insure that capacity is available.

(D) Deadman anchors shall be sunk to a depth of 5 feet, have a minimum length of 2 feet, and have a diameter of at least 6 inches. Hollow concrete blocks are not approved. Steel rods shall be at least 5/8" diameter, with the bottom hooker into the concrete deadman.

(E) Anchors to reinforced concrete slabs must be of strength comparable to that presented above.

Sec. 9.106 Utility Connections

Applicant shall make arrangements to connect to city water and sewer services with the city office. Failure of the applicant to abide by these regulations could result in the suspension of city services and a fine as provided for in the general penalty provision found in Section 1.106 of this code. Permit holder may appeal to the council if he/she finds this penalty unjust.

Sec. 9.107 Fees

Applicant is required to pay all advertising costs and a fee as provided for in the fee schedule found in the appendix of this code prior to permitting. Applicant will also be given a copy of this article at this time. In the event of litigation, concerned parties will be notified, by certified mail, of the exact time and date of the city council meeting at which the final ruling by the council will be made.

Sec.9.108 Provisions to Take Precedence

This article takes precedence over previous ordinances and amendments pertaining to mobile homes. Excepted from this article are existing mobile homes permitted under previous ordinances.

Sec. 9.109 Moving Mobile Home to New Location

In the event that the mobile home is moved to another location, anew permit must be obtained for the new location of the home and for any mobile home being moved to the former location of the first home.

(Ordinance 0-01-932/8/93)


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