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City of Lorenzo - City Council
City Council Members


All powers of the city and the determination of policy are vested in an elective Council which enacts legislation, adopts budgets, determines policies, and appoints the city manager who executes the laws and administers the government of the City.
The City Council
The Council meets the Second Monday of each month in the Council Chamber at City Hall located at 703 5th Street .
The regular meeting of the Lorenzo City Council follows a posted agenda. The agenda is posted at City Hall 3 days prior to the meeting. The meetings start at 7:00 pm (7:30 pm during daylight savings time) or as posted on the agenda. The regular Council meeting is devoted to taking formal action on ordinances, resolutions and recommendations pending before the Council.
All citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings. Opportunities are provided for informal visits with the Council through an open forum on the agenda. Items requiring action by the City Council will need to be placed on the agenda prior to posting time. To have an action item placed on the agenda, contact the City Administrator. All action will occur on items in a public forum.

What Form of Local Government Does Lorenzo Have and How Do I Become Involved?

Incorporated in April, 1924, the City of Lorenzo is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, located in the County of Crosby. Lorenzo is approximately 730 acres in area and has a current population of 1,376.
Voters residing within the city limits of the City of Lorenzo elect the following city office holders:
City Council

The City operates under a Mayor-Council form of government, with a Mayor and 5 Council Members representing five wards and serving as the City Council.

The City government is headed by the Mayor who is elected on at-large basis for a two-year term. The Council elects, from among its members, a Mayor Pro Tempore who acts as mayor in the absence of the Mayor. Although the Mayor and Council all serve for two years, their elections are held each year, making it possible for the city to maintain a realistic separation of duties and constituencies. The Council enacts legislation, adopts budgets, determines policies, and appoints the City Administrator.

The City Administrator serves as the Chief Administrative and Executive Officer of the City and is responsible for administering the policies enacted by the Council, for making recommendations to the City Council on matters of legislation, finances, capital improvements, programs, and policies as applicable.

Lester Bownds
P.O. Box 388
Lorenzo, TX 79343
Home 634-5919
Lester Bownds, appointed Mayor on January 8th, 1996 was first elected to the city council as councilman Place III May 8th, 1989. He is now retied, but previously he was employed by the Lorenzo Schools as the Vo- Ag teacher. He serves on the ORCA Grant Commitee and is involved with many functions at the First Baptist Church of Lorenzo.  Lester Bownds-Mayor
Council Member Place I
D'Ann Schoepf
HCR 2 Box 1-12
Lorenzo, TX 79343
D'Ann was sworn into office on March 11th, 2002. She is employed by the Lorenzo Schools as an elementary teacher. D'Ann is currently is a Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce Board Member. She serves the community as a leader in the GA's program at the Lorenzo First Baptist Church. 

D'Ann Schoepf
Council Member Place II
Cheryl Birdwell
108 N. Harrison
Lorenzo, TX 79343
Cheryl is a teacher at the Lorenzo High School.  She was sworn in Sept. 18, 2006.  
Council Member Place III
JoAnn Curbo
P.O. Box 584
Lorenzo, TX 79343
Home: 634-5411

JoAnn "Jody" Curbo has lived in Lorenzo since 1977 and has been a city council member since 1998. She is the principal stockholder in Lorenzo Manufacturing Co., Inc. She served on the Crosby County Library Board for eight years, and currently is a Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce Board Member and a board member of the Crosby County Appraisal District.

JoAnn Curbo
Council Member Place IV
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garica is a member of the Texas Highway Patrol. Ruben Garcia was sworn into office in April 2004.  Ruben Garcia
Council Member Place V
Charles Cate
He was sworn in Oct. 27, 2003  


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