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EMS Volunteers

Jason Cladwell-Parametic
Dolores Trevino-Intermediate
Berle Robb-Basic
Eric Mount-Intermediate
Rett Lively-Basic
Lorenzo EMS Volunteers provide Emergency Medical Services to the city of Lorenzo and surrounding areas. This volunteer department is staffed by your neighbors and friends who give the community their time and work so that all can be assured of emergency service when needed regardless of the time of day or day of the week. The Lorenzo EMS has highly trained men and women who stop their lives at the sound of a beeper and drive to their fire stations initiating prompt response to your personal emergency or community disaster.
What is required to be come an EMT
  • EMT-B (Basic) 110 classroom hours, 10 clinical hours.
  • EMT-I (Intermediate) EMT and an additional 60 to 80 hours.
  • EMT-P (Paramedic) EMT-I and approximately 1,000 hours of classroom and clinical time.

Continuing education is required to maintain certification.

You Can Volunteer

We utilize Texas certified EMS personnel to staff our Mobile Intensive Care Unit as it provides 911 emergency service to those in need. The City of Lorenzo will even provide no cost EMT-B training to those who qualify.
To get more information come by the City Offices at 703 5th Street in Lorenzo.
History of Lorenzo's EMS
Lorenzo EMS was first established in 1972 when Millard Carter of Carter-Adams Funeral Home agreed to furnish ambulance service for the county with volunteer help. The service had been needed for many years. After an accident with one of his cars it was determined this could not be continued.
The county judge and commissioners court met with representative from Lorenzo, Ralls, and Crosbyton to come up with a plan to have ambulance service for the citizens of Crosby County. It was decided that the county would furnish an ambulance for each town if the cities would man and maintain them.
This was the beginning of the Lorenzo Ambulance Service. There were five men in Lorenzo who got together and decided to take the first step by attending classes to get started. These five men were Don Nickson, Leon Moore, Harold Wayne Pierot, Foy Hargrove and Jerry Robertson. This was in 1973. The first unit purchased by the county was a 1974 Suburban Chevrolet equipped with the minimum equipment required by the Texas Department of Health -- oxygen supplies and a blood pressure device. It might be describes as a "load and go" operation.
Lorenzo EMS now has a fully equipped life support ambulance with equipment equal to the emergency room of a hospital. Over the last twenty-five years many dedicated people have participated on the service. In the beginning Lorenzo EMS had only one emergency care attendant. Now there are attendants who are trained with special skills in order to do IV therapy, oxygen therapy and paramedics to provide drug therapy as well. The citizens are provided with a service equal to the ER of any hospital in the area.
from Once Upon a Plain. . . Echoes of Lorenzo
by Wayne and SydnaWallace



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