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Available Services

Interlibrary Loan
When information or books 1-year or older cannot be found locally, the Lorenzo Library if one of more than 700 public and college libraries in the State cooperating in lending books to individuals. While books come from all over the United States to fill reader's requests, frequently, the Lorenzo Library can fill these requests. A small postage fee is charged on books borrowed from these libraries.
Audio Tapes
Through a lending program, the library recieves new audio tapes monthly
The Lorenzo Library has four computers available to patrons. One of these computers is a Spanish Language Computer. All of the computers have internet access and a large selection of both children's programs and adult programs.
Children's Programs
  • Arthur's Brainteasers
  • Arthur's Math Carnival
  • Arthur's Reading Roundup
  • Barney Goes to the Circus
  • Barney Under the Sea
  • Big Science Ideas: Systems
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Fun on the Farm with Barney
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • How the Leopard Got His Spots
  • Just Grandma and Me
  • Koi and the Kila Nuts
  • Little Monster at School
  • Magic School Bus Dinosaurs
  • Magic School Bus Inside the Earth
  • Magic School Bus Rainforest
  • Paul Bunyan
  • Stellaluna
  • Success Builder: Algebra I
  • Success Builder: Geometry
  • Corbis FDR
  • Encarta Africana 2000
  • Encarta Encyclopedia 2000
  • Encarta Research Organizer



Woman's Study Club Promotes Formation of Library in Lorenzo
In 1959 Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders in Lorenzo expressed a need to the Study Clubs for the accessibility to reading and reference material for the children in the community.
Both the Woman's Study Club and the Junior Woman's Study Clumb (later the Coterie Club) conducted a drive and collected used books from the community to start the library. The City of Lorenzo furnished a room in the Community Center to house the library and volunteers helped staff the faclity.
A few months later it was discovered that other towns in the county were also finding a similar need for library services. A "Friends of the Library" committee was formed with representatives from Crosbyton, Ralls and Lorenzo. The committee met with members of the West Texas Library System to ask for help in obtaining libraries in the county.
They informed the Committee that they would match or provide some funds if certain stipulations were met. In order to get matching funds the Committee met with the Commissioners Court several times.
Each town was provided a place for their library and the County would pay for the supplies and for salaries. Each town would receive equal funding. The Crosby County Library was to consist of three libraries with a County Librarian, although each town would have their own librarian. The Texas Library Association would match County funds or percentages to supply money for books and professsional services.
In order to offer a larger number of books to their readers until a bigger inventory was built, books were moved once a year between the three libraries. They were catalogued in three copies so that patrons could order or use books from other libraries in the county.
The Study Clubs in Lorenzo backed the Library with funds, books, and nominated members to serve on the Committee.
Since the library's beginning the Lorenzo Woman's Study Club has contributed to it in one way or another by donation of time, money or books, or simply through checkouts. Forms of support include promoting "Friends of the Library" movement and providing funds for awards given for the Summer Reading Program, a project that has greatly grown since 1972 and is currently sustained.
As a Bicentennial project, the club had a display case built which was placed in the library as a permanent fixture to house our history books and all yearbooks since the clubs inception in 1922. These year books were donated by the orginal Secretary who also included her first minutes.
Through the years the library has grown to some 6,500 volumes, a goodly number for our 1,200 population. It has been extensively remodeled and updated with new book cases, furniture and fixtures. The Woman's Study Club regularly schedules club meeting at the facility so that its values can be view by every member.
From Once Upon a Plain. . . Echoes of Lorenzo
by Wayne and Sydna Wallace
This history was submitted November 1991
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