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Important Information

City of Lorenzo
P.O. Box 430
703 5th Street
Lorenzo, Texas 79343

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency - Police Ambulance Fire 911
 Xcel Energy (elect)  800-750-2520  Energas (gas) 888-363-7427
 Valor (phone)  877-520-5220 Classic Cable  800-999-8876 
City of Lorenzo  806-634-5596 Lorenzo Schools  806-634-5591

Large Trash Items:

The City of Lorenzo provides collection points for used motor oil, recyclable metals, tree branches, and trash items too large for your dumpster. Most items are accepted with no charges assessed to customers. Fees usually apply to construction waste and items containing freon (air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, etc.) Since the collection points are placed in different areas, we ask that you call the city offices for the proper location for your disposal needs. The City of Lorenzo does not accept used tires.

Alley Maintenance:

The mowing of weeds and grass in the alleys is the responsibility of residents. For fire protection, growth should be kept to no higher than 6 inches. This will also help keep insects (mosquitoes) under control and will assist your city employees and other public service workers in maintaining access to service lines and meters in the alleys.

Utility Billing

Mail Payments to:

Hand Deliver Payments to:
City of Lorenzo
P.O. Box 430
Lorenzo, TX 79343


Lorenzo City Offices
703 5th Street
Lorenzo, TX 79343


For your convenience, there is a Payment Drop Box located on the Front wall of the City Offices.

Deposit of $50.00 is required. Your utility deposit will remain on the account until the account is closed.

Utility payments are due by the 13th day of each month. When a utility payment is not received before due date, a 10% late payment fee will be added to the account.

Services are subject to disconnection for nonpayment after the 20th day of each month.

 Reconnection fees:  
 Normal Business Hours  $20.00
 After Hours  $35.00

The first time service is disconnected for non-payment, an additional deposit of $35 is required before service will be resumed. Your utility deposit will remain on the account until the account is closed.

Note from the City Administrator:

The City of Lorenzo asks that you support you local businesses by buying locally when possible. Your local patronage makes our community stronger.

Mike Cypert, City Administrator

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