Lorenzo Police Reserve Program
Reserves are non-paid citizens that receive extensive training to serve as "supplemental" and support police officers. Lorenzo Police Reserves are never used to replace regular police officers. Rather, reserve officers are used to supplement and assist the patrol and detective duties. In addition, reserves play a key role in all major events in Lorenzo; including parades, 4th of July activities, and sporting events. Reserves are also called upon to assist when unexpected events occur such as flooding, high winds, major crime scenes and disasters.
Becoming a Lorenzo Police Reserve:
We are currently authorized three (3) positions.
Applications are accepted only as available.
Applicants must have a solid background to apply.
    Minimum standards include:
    • 21 years of age.
    • Valid Texas drivers license.
    • Citizen of the United States.
    • High School diploma or GED.
    • Fluently read and write the English language.
    • Good health.
    • Physically fit
    • No felony convictions.
    • No convictions of any crime which would preclude gun ownership (including domestic violence assault)
    • No arrests for offenses involving moral turpitude.
    • No arrests indicating moral character of a questionable nature.
    • Be regularly employed or a full time student.
    • Good credit.
    • Good work record.
    • Good driving record.
    • Very limited prior drug usage and, without exception, crime and drug free for one year. This includes ANY crime even if you were not arrested or charged (discovered during background investigation).


Our commitment is to develop The Lorenzo Police Reserve Program with an outstanding reputation, a pattern of high standards, quality officers and exceptional service to the citizens of Lorenzo.
Lorenzo Reserve Officers are expected to donate a minimum of twenty hours per month, attend all required training, and respond anytime, at all hours, when a call-out is activated.
Reserve officer applicants must meet the same standards as those of a regular Lorenzo Police Officer.
Lorenzo Reserve Officers must successfully complete a Field Training Program, similar to the Field Training Program required of regular police officers. Reserve Officers have up to one year to complete the Field Training Program

There is ongoing training for all members of the Reserve Unit.
Unit Organization:
The Lorenzo Police Reserve Unit is administered by the Lorenzo Police Department.
Three levels of authority exist within the Lorenzo Police Reserves:
    • Level I is the Field Training Program.
    • Level II officers are granted limited police commissions and authority. Level II Reserve Officers may ride with regular officers, work as a two-officer reserve cover car or respond to call outs and special details.
    • Level III Reserve Officers have additional police authority and may work in a single officer cover car.
If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Officer, Contact the Lorenzo Chief of Police.

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