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Josephine & J.A. Wheeler Memorial Foundation Grant

Rules and Guidelines Westerman Field 

Pictures before project

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Josephine & J.A. Wheeler Memorial Foundation Grant


In the spring of 2002, the City of Lorenzo assisted the Lorenzo Summer League with a rehab project at Westerman Field. The City of Lorenzo applied for and received a grant from the Josephine and J. A. Wheeler Memorial Foundation for the amount of $7950.00.

The grant funds Were used to build a new concession stand and restroom facility. The building is completely handicap accessible. An existing sub-standard structure directly behind the home plate backstop was removed in order to make room for the new building. New sidewalks were installed and the bleachers were rearranged so they are less hazardous to children, who tend to run everywhere they go.

Construction on the new building started around March 15th and was completed in the early part of April, prior to League play beginning.

The Lorenzo Summer League is a non-profit association directed by members of the community of Lorenzo with the expressed purpose of providing youth related activities including summer baseball and softball. It is funded entirely by money raised by the youth participating in the summer program, private donations, and by concessions sold during games at Westerman Field.

The City of Lorenzo contributes by furnishing the use of Westerman Field to the Lorenzo Summer League at no charge. We also assist by mowing and watering the field, which allows them to use their funds and manpower elsewhere insuring kids may get the most enjoyment out of their summer activities.

The City's objective in undertaking this project is to show youth of Lorenzo the pride we take in them by providing a wholesome environment where they can gather and play. We also hope that out-of-town visitors to Westerman Field will have a pleasurable experience, thereby, improving the image that Lorenzo outwardly projects.

It should be noted that none of this would be accomplished without the generosity of Josephine and J. A. Wheeler Memorial Foundation.


Mike Cypert
City Administrator, City of Lorenzo 



Rules and Guidelines
Westerman Field


The City of Lorenzo, deed holder of Block 62 OT Lorenzo commonly named Westerman Field, having a vested interest in liability issues attached to the property, does hereby form and stand by these rules for use of the field, structures, and improvements located therewith.


In support of youth related activities, The City of Lorenzo does hereby assign the use and maintenance of Westerman Field to the Lorenzo Summer League Association for the expressed use of youth related activities. By continuing use of this field in their regular operation of activities, The Lorenzo Summer League Association assumes the risks involved and shall hold the City of Lorenzo harmless from liabilities extending from their activities or neglectful acts. Reassignment of Westerman Field or any structure there located for any reason other than youth activities must first be approved by the Lorenzo City Council.

Alterations to Improvements and New Construction

Alterations to any permanent structure or any new construction at Westerman Field must be approved by the Lorenzo City Council prior to work beginning. Prior to this permission being granted, a detailed scale drawing depicting items to be constructed shall be presented to the City Administrator.

This rule does not apply to the planting of grass, other routine maintenance required to the playing surface, or items damage due to normal wear and tear.

Concession Stand/Restrooms/Other Building

The Lorenzo Summer League Association (the party assigned) shall maintain the concession stand, restrooms, and other buildings in a manner that reflects a clean and healthy atmosphere. The Lorenzo Summer League Association may not allow third parties, individuals or groups to enter into unsupervised, operate, maintain, or in any way profit from or supervise the use of the attached buildings without permission granted by the Lorenzo City Council.


The Lorenzo Summer League Association (the party assigned) shall maintain the walks in a state that allows for unrestricted foot traffic on any sidewalk. Walks shall be free from any trip hazard. Walks shall be swept from time to time as needed.


Fences shall be maintained in a safe state.


As a fund raising project, signage is allowable on the fences at Westerman Field. The Lorenzo Summer League Association shall control the hanging and marketing of signage. The hanging of signage is limited to the outfield fences only and must face inward toward the field. The only signage allowable on the backstop fences (any extended fence located on the Southwest side of Westerman Field) is signage denoting the field name, (Westerman Field). Signs shall be properly attached to the railings, posts and fence in such a manner as not to damage the fencing. The signage must be in good taste and of a wholesome nature. Any sign that the City Administrator or his assigns deems not to be in compliance is subject to immediate removal without prior notice.

Use of Westerman Field

Westerman Field was designed and constructed for the expressed purpose of youth related activities. The use of Westerman Field is limited to persons of that appropriate age group. In an effort to protect the fences, structures and neighboring property, there shall be no adult baseball or softball play allowed on Westerman Field. The City of Lorenzo shall post proper signage at Westerman Field in an effort to notify the public of this rule.


A copy of these rules shall be presented to the presiding officer of the Lorenzo Summer League Association. Another copy shall be posted inside of the concession stand at Westerman Field.

Renewal and Review

The Lorenzo City Council may at their discretion and at any time, review and/or amend these rules.

Passed and approved by the Lorenzo City Council on the 13th day of May 2002


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